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Posted by OMG on
My opinion?
The stock market has the potential to crash in 2015, and larger than it did in 2008 and 2009.
Lets see if you actually allow this to get posted.
Posted by C-How-High on
Amazing how high the market is. Back in mid 2010, NOBODY imagined the S&P 500 and SPY would ever be this high.
Posted by Good on
Like the new Market Capitalization column. Useful.
Posted by Averages Don't Lie on
Notice that last 6 months SPY looks like it has leveled out:{%22showSma%22:true,%22smaColors%22:%22#cc0000%22,%22smaPeriods%22:%2214%22,%22smaWidths%22:%221%22,%22smaGhosting%22:%220%22,%22showMacd%22:true,%22allowChartStacking%22:true}

Short URL for same above is
Posted by SandP500Changes on
Changing the US $10 Bill by removing the image of Alexander Hamilton from it is WRONG. Yesterday's announcement that this will be done needs to be reversed ASAP. Post your objections, ideas, and thoughts related to this here. How do you feel about this?

I'd like someone to list all the contributions Alexander Hamilton made to this country and it's creation.
Posted by American on
There is not a single woman in this whole country's history that even comes close to the stature, contribution, and impact Alexander Hamilton had and continues to have. Yes, lots of extremely impressive female figures, but not in the slightest comparable to Hamilton. They can search forever, and they will never find a woman, or a man, that is not a founding father, that comes close to Hamilton's achievements, contribution and impact to this country. That is the hard cold fact the US Treasury is facing, and I think this will get them in a lot of hot water and stuck in something that they will need to squirm their way out of.

This is getting people angry and it is going to cause a "Dislike Movement" against women. Completely counter productive on what was wanted.

Talk about bad ideas! They should have had a focus group test or a public forum first, or something of that kind to get a feel on people's attitude to this change.
Posted by James on
A quick visual check on the SPY 5 year chart seems to show recent sell volume is greater. In fact, even when looking further back, as far as Feb 2015, the overall volume seems to be more on the sell side.
Posted by Bounce Happy on
Stock market bounce is here!
Posted by Boom on
A bubble stock market and an election year at the same time is a bad thing.
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